Movesets (Revival)

Neutral B - Styles Clash

Styles move forward as he grab the opponents and set their into the Styles Clash. The clash involved slamming the opponent down as it’s launch them upward. Be careful, because this move maybe suicidal if done midair or even on a ledge.

Side B - Pele Kick

Styles duck forward as he perform a Pele Kick onto the opponents. Once this attack connect, you can great damage and launch backward. This move can also counter other upcoming melee attack.

Up B - Phenomenal Forearm

Styles leap forward as he perform the Phenomenal Foreman onto a opponents. When launch forward, you can knock down any nearby opponents in your way before dropping down.

Down B - Calf Killer

Styles grab a opponent’s leg as he lock their onto the Calf Killer. Once you do so, you can press A and B rapidly to deal continued a series of damage. You can hold the opponent on the Calf Killer for 10 seconds or canceled the hold by pressing up.

Final Smash - The Club

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallow arrive behind Styles as they announced who their going to beat up. As soon as they announced the opponent’s name, The Club start going after say the announced’s opponent along with nearby opponent. While you still played as Styles while the Club are unplayable assist, both Karl Anderson and Luke Gallow can attack with many single attack and double-team attack, involved Rocket Kick, Diving Neckbreaker, Boot of Doom, Fireman’s Carry Flapjack, and finally Magic Killer. Anderson and Gallow can reminded on the stage until the announced get KO’ed. the two get KO’ed or you can KO’ed.

Assist Trophies Action (EWBR)

When summoned, AJ Styles came into a random opponents. If successful, he perform a Pelé Kick into the opponents for great damage and knockout. AJ Style can stay around if he perform 3 Pelé Kick into many opponents or for 25 seconds.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - AJ Styles

Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - AJ Styles