Special Moves

Neutral B- RPG

Homura uses her RPG and shoots the enemies with her rockets. But unlike Snake, you can held the B button down while you control the direction of the rocket. Afterward, The rockets can't be controlled and goes straight forward.

Side B - Grenade

Hmoura takes a grenade, pulls out the pin, and throws it. The distance that the grenade is thrown can be controlled by pressing forward, or backward. A maximum of two grenades can be thrown; no more can be produced until one of them explodes.

Up B- AT4

Homura jumps up the air and use her AT4 to launch a missiles below herself. Landing a attack on a opponent with do major damage and knockback. This move also cause slow falling speed for better recovery.

Down B- Time Stop

Homura stops time for 5 seconds as she can freely attacks the opponent while they're frozen. But when already used, it cools down for 30 seconds before Homura can use it again.

Final Smash- Black Wings Of Corrosion

Homura draws out her Corrosion wings and Corrosion bow. She fires out her Corrosion arrow and deals a devastating damage at the enemies that stand in the line of sight. The drawback is, that this move will have to cost 100% damage to Homura.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Akemi Homura

Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Akemi Homura