On-Screen Appearance

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Special Attacks

Neutral B - Falling Tower

Asuka does a quick punch attack before she grab the opponent’s face and slam their down onto the ground. The slam attack can impact the damage down despite by the weight of the opponent. If done midair, you can immediately slam the opponent smash down the stage.

Side B - Spinning Heel Drop

Asuka spins forward as she perform a kick on the opponents. Each spins can charges the kick attack and cause greater damage to the opponents.

Up B - Night Sky

Asuka leap as she perform a kick onto the opponents. The damage of attack is based of how far you attack the opponent forward. This attack however, is more horizontal recovery than vertical recover, so the direction of the attack is mostly where you’re facing.

Down B - Attack Reversal

Asuka strikes a pose, ready for a counterattack. For about a second, any attack and grab of a opponent can be Counter back. This, however, didn’t involved any projectile attack.

Final Smash - Kishin Enbu

Asuka point her finger before performing three kick and two thunder fall kicks. If successful, she grab the nearly opponent and slam their down. The effort of this attack have to the opponent is effort by the opponent’s weight. Nearly opponents can also get damage by this Final Smash as well.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival Asuka Kazama

Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival Asuka Kazama