Special Moves

Neutral B - Javelin

Waddle Dee hurls his spear forward in a gentle arc, then pulls a nee one out from behind his back. Holding down the special causes Waddle Dee to delay the spear, during this time the throw can be angled up and down while Waddle Dee can move back and forth, allowing more accurate aiming.

Side B - Circus Rush

Waddle Dee pulls out a white and red striped parasol with a star at the top and thrusts it forward, causing him to move forward slightly. As he thrusts it, Waddle Dee will spin it, destroying any projectiles it comes into contact with, while xeflecting thrown objects back in the direction they came. By holding down the button, Waddle Dee will continue holding out and spinning the parasol, even after he has concluded the thrusting motion. Its worth noting that only the initial thrust can damage opponents, any spinning of the parasol afterwards, simply protects Waddle Dee from projectiles and thrown objects.

Up B - Whirly Dee

Wadle Dee rapidly twirls his spear over his head generating enough lift to carry him into the air, while striking enemies multiple times should they come into contact with the spinning spear. Holding the button, causes Waddle Dee to delay the spear-twirling in exchange for more air time. Similar to Mr. Game & Watch's Fire or Snake's Cypher, Waddle Dee is not put into the helpless state after using the move.

Down B - Megaton Punch

Waddle Dee puts his spear on his back and hops into the air, raising his fist up as it glows with blue energy. Waddle Dee then accelerates towards the ground, punching down and generating a radial blue shockwave. If the Special Button is pressed just as Waddle Dee lands, the shockwave becomes a much larger red version which also strikes above Waddle Dee with a pillar of energy. When used in midair, the Special is the same aside from the fact that Waddle Dee simply dives towards the ground.

Final Smash - Wheelie Rider

Waddle Dee summons Wheelie Bike in a puff of smoke and hops on as he pulls on a dark green biker helmet with goggles and brown straps. During the course of the Final Smash, Waddle Dee can move the bike around, plowing through foes, and jump normally. Pressing the Normal Attack button, causes Waddle Dee to rush forward in a burst of speed as fire pours from the Wheelie Bike's exhaust pipes. Pressing the Special Attack button, will cause Waddle Dee to hurl a flaming spear forward in an arc.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Bandana Waddle Dee

Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Bandana Waddle Dee