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Special Attacks

Neutral B - Pistol Form

Blake turn her Gambol into Pistol Form. Once done, she jets forward and strike any enemies in her path, shooting then with the Gambol Shroud. Pressing B will fire off a round bullet. Holding B will increase the distance you’ll dash around as well as how many bullets you can fire. (Maximum being 12 bullet)

Side B - Kitana Form

Blake set her Gambol into Kitana Form. Once done, she lunges forward and slashes the opponent sideway. This moves can be charged for up to 3 seconds, increases the reach of the attack knockback. While the knockback range increase when changed, the distance may became short.

Up B - Gambol Launch

Blake wraps her black ribbon into her right arm around Gambol Shroud's trigger in pistol form and freely swings it around. The Gambol can now latch to essentially any wall at any point at appropriate distances. However, if the ledge is above or below the horizontal, it will not grapple to it. If the midair jump has not been used, using this move will make you move upwards about half of the jump. It also can be used multiple times.

Down B - Shadow

Blake use her Semblance replaces herself with her clone. If her clone is attacked during this time of 4 seconds, it takes the damage as, and Blake then appears behind it and rushes for the attacking player, damaging him/her.

Final Smash - Black and White

Blake use her Gambol Shroud underneath the opponents in front of it and slash their upward, sending the opponents into the air as the screen darkens and a moon appears. There, a silhouette of Blake fly around rapidly dealing quick strikes before dealing a final blow, leaving the target to be KO'd offscreen.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Blake Belladonna

Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Blake Belladonna