Special Moves

Neutral B - Fire Sphere

Bloom throw a fireball at the opponents. The Fireball can reach long distances, but have light damage rate. If you press B 3 times, you can perform the “Triple Blast”, where three fireball blasts can be fire under the same effort. If you hold b, you can perform “Full-Power Fire”, where the blast can become more powerful with a bigger explosion and probably cause afterburn the opponent.

Side B - Safety Net

Bloom launch a small orange ball which later turns into a safety net. If the opponent get trap by the net, their speed, jump, and power become decreases. With this, you can easily attack them and probably leave these to get KO'ed. However, they get escape by rocking the joystick back and forth quickly to break free.

Up B - Magic Shield

Bloom forms an star-shaped double-layered shield. Any energy-type projectile attacks can be absorb, where can also heal yourself up. The Shield can only be used for around 5-7 seconds and can also made you flow down easily.

Down B - Heat Wave

Bloom launch a beam of misty visible fire onto the opponents. The direction of the beam can be controlled using the joystick. This move can to defend yourself and even slowly damage the opponent.

Final Smash - Charmix Convergence

Bloom turn into her Charmix Form as the Winx arrive on the scene. As soon as the Winx arrive, they perform a convergence spell where the blast cover the whole stage. The damage rate is large as the damage can effort the character by their role.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Bloom-0

Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Bloom-0