Special Attacks

Neutral B - Lamber

Bray hold up his lamber from his entrance. Once done, Bray will hold the lamber for 5 seconds. If a opponents try to attack you was the lamber open. The Lamber emit a damaging shower of smokes. The knockback is low regardless of the power of the blocked attack. The spores themselves can be absorbed, and the move is in fact the only counterattack that fires projectiles when activated.

Side B - Running Crossbody

Bray run up and launch himself into the opponents. Any opponent in its way, dealing damage and pushing its targets back. However, there’s a ricky damage of falling out the stage, leaving you helpless.

Up B - Swine Intervention

When used, Bray smashes straight downward into the ground, which provides minor protection against nearby enemies. If used on the ground, you'll jump forward before dropping down. This move can be canceled by grabbing the ledge while dropping.

Down B - Uranage

Bray rushes and grab the opponents. If successful, he’ll tucks the opponents head under their near arm. The wrestler then simultaneously lifts the opponent up, turns 180° and falls backwards, bringing the opponent over them and slamming him/her back-first onto the opponents.

Final Smash - Sister Abigail

Smoke appear onto the stage. Bray disappear and reappear into the shadow figure, perform his Spike Walk. You gets a choice on who to attack with his finisher, Sister Abigail before 5 seconds are up and a random decision is made. After all, Bray grabs one of the opponents and perform Sister Abigail, causing heavy damage and knockback into the opponent.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Bray Wyatt

Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Bray Wyatt