Special Moves

Neutral B - Javelin Toss

Chrom tosses a javelin at an opponent The javelin travels fast and hit opponents from far away. It’ll did more damage if they are hit at the edge of the javelin.

Side B - Luna Strike

Chrom run at the opponent with great speed with his Falchion. Thi move will strikes the opponents with armour or lots of defense for higher damage.

Up B - Critical Hit

Chrom jumps in an arc as his sword is facing outwards. This moves can do good recovery, causing minor damage and knockback when you lands. If you don't reach land at the end of his arc, you will keep on going down in a same effort as Ike’s Arther.

Down B - Dread Scroll

Chrom uses the Dread Scroll to turn into a Dread Fighter for a short time. While a Dread Fighter, your attack incease to strike more swiftly and speed. This moves last until 15 second or by pressing Down+B again. The Dread Scroll can be reused after 10 second.

Final Smash - Awakening

Chrom awakens Naga, and his sword becomes the Exalted Falchion. He will then call, "Your end has come!", "Anything can change!", "I will not fail!", or "Now I'm angry!” as you can do a lot more damage than before, and can heal himself for a short amount. When the Final Smash ends, his sword will turn back into the normal Falchion.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Chrom

Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Chrom