Special Attacks

Neutral B - Lightning Bolts

Cole launches bursts of lightning bolts which shocks enemies in front of him. The closer an enemy is when hit, the longer they will be stunned. Landing five bolts will allow you to recharge. However, the lightning bolt only do chip each damage. While shooting, can aim the bolts by moving.

Side B - Megawatt Hammer

Cole launches a megawatt hammer forward. Although slow, the orb deals low damage and moderate knockback and can be reflected but not absorbed. Shooting a lightning bolt will redirect the rocket, making it home on the target. Enemies hit by the redirected rocket will receive twice the damage and more knockback.

Up B - Freeze Launch

Cole launch himself to the air with a stalagmite of ice When used on the ground, the stalagmite remains in place for a while. Any enemies close by will be knocked back If this move is used in the air a block of ice forms and falls downwards, acting as a projectile that deals minor damage and horizontal knockback.

Down B - Electric Tornado

Cole begins spinning, then swings his amp forward, releasing a small electric vortex. Can be charged for two seconds, and increases range by a couple of steps. Deals mdoerate damage and sucks in enemies but extended use can harm yourself.

Final Smash - Lightning Storm

Cole raises his arms upwards, then swings it down. Immediately bolts of lightning will rain from the sky unnaturaly at different points. They strike at random places, but can only have two bolts per second. Although they have large area of effect, it would be quite hard to dodge.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Cole MacGrath

Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Cole MacGrath