Special Attacks

Neutral B - Chaos Flare

Demitri launch Chaps Flare onto the opponents. This attack travel quickly as it can have a good range to attack the opponent. Chaos Flare also have a good chance of stunning the opponent for easy attack. If done mid-air, Chaos Flare is launch diagonally downward.

Side B - Bat Spin

Demitri turn his bat wing into drill as he launch himself. This attack can cause rapid damage to any opponent trap in front of the drill attack as this attack have a good range. If you perform this attack on a opponent, you immediately teleport and drill the opponent down.

Up B - Demon Blast

Demitri turn into many multiple bats. Under this form, you can move around the area. If you pass into a opponent, you can damage their easily with the bat, while also having a chance to cause afterburn to the opponent as well. The The Bat only work for around 6 - 8 seconds. Down B - Midnight Bliss Demitri cast Midnight Bliss onto a nearby opponent as he turn their into sexy ladies. If this move is successful, you can immediately drain the opponent’s health as you can restore your own health. This attack sadly have short range, so it’s risky.

Final Smash - Midnight Pleasure

Demitri dash forward as he catch a nearby opponent. If successful, Demitri will bite the trapped opponent’s neck a few times before finish off the super with a small four hit combo under his demon form.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Demitri Maximoff

Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Demitri Maximoff