Special Attacks

Neutral B - Copy Ability

Emerl copies one of his opponent's B moves. The move and stats of the character is copied is random, but your copied moves can do the same amount of damage as the original. To tell what move has been copied, you can mimic the enemy's stances, voices, weapons, and even coloration. The rest of this moveset will be normal to Emerl’s moveset pre- copying opponent.

Side B - Rock Fall

Emerl uses Knuckles strength to throw a boulder at the opponents. While picking up the rock, Emerl has armor frames. The rock will fly through the air for a few seconds before crashing to the ground.

Up B - Air Cracker

Emerl jumps into the air and tosses a bomb to the ground. This bomb will lay on the ground until either 20 seconds have passed or someone has stepped on it. Emerl can't be hurt by his own bombs, but they can knock him back a bit.

Down B - Teleport

Emerl uses Chaos energy to teleport behind his nearest opponents and kick them in the back of the head.

Final Smash - Ultimate Emerl

Emerl absorbs the Chaos Emeralds, causing him to go berserk. This causes Emerl’s power to increase x10 and allows you to access all of your copied moves simultaneously. The copied moves have more range and effects. The FS ends when everyone onscreen is defeated or after 20 seconds have passed.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Emerl

Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Emerl