Special Attacks

Neutral B - Real Megabuster

Frank use a Real Megaman Buster to blast the opponents. The damage and distance increases the longer it is charged. When fully charged, the blast can cause great damage and powerful knockback.

Side B - Blue Light Special

Frank grab a Shopping Cart full of weapons. Once you hold the Shopping Cart, you continuity ram your opponents down. Afterword, you can move around the stage with the Shopping Cart. By releasing “Side + B”, you can kick the Weapon Cart forward sending it flying horizontally.

Up B - Funny Face Crusher

Frank holdup a Servbot Helmet as he leap forward. Once this move connect with a opponent, you immediately smash your opponent down with the Servbot Helmet. When a opponent wear the Servbot, they’ll be unable to attack or jump like this until a fair amount of time or by pressing A and B rapidly to remove the mask.

Down B - Snapshot

Frank hold out his camera and take a picture, causing nearby opponents to be stunned for a second. Snapshot helps you level up and increase your attacks as well as change his weapons. You started at Level 1 and can level up until Level 5. The bigger the picture are, the greater the level-up.

Final Smash - Big Bad Explosion

A bunch of zombies start falling zombie from the top of the screen. The Zombie will start attack the took opponents. As the opponents are corner by the zombie, Frank set a bunch of explosive and blow they up using a shotgun. The explosion will results in easily Star KO if the opponents are hit with this Final Smash.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Frank West

Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Frank West