Special Moves

Neutral B - Bullpup Shotgun

Franklin pull out his Bullpop Shotgun as he shoot at the opponents. Every shots leave a great impact to the opponents with wide spread shots for 3 seconds. The Bullpup Shotgun hold 14 shells before needing to reload back, which is done by pressing Z.

Side B - Chop

Franklin throw a Ball at the stage as it send Chop around the stage. Once Chop is send into the stage, he start biting any nearby opponent when the ball land. He can also aid Franklin in battle when he glad the ball as he start following him. Chop can protect Franklin from any nearby opponent, but can get knockout easily. (Thou you called use Chop again if he get knockout.)

Up B - Risk Assessment

Franklin jump forward as he send out his Parachute. When using the parachute, you can slowly flow around the stage once you flying. While flying, you can shoot with your pistol by pressing A. You can stop using the Parachute by lading into a perform, get hit or pressing Down.

Down B - Sticky Bombs

Franklin plants a Sticky Bombs around the stage. Every Sticky Bombs can sticky into everything when used. You can only placed around 5 Sticky Bombs at a time until you detonate the bombs by pressing Z.

Final Smash - Diving Focus

Franklin jump into his Green Bagger as he drive around the stage. Until this mode, everything slow down while you can move at normal speed. You can ram into other opponents or uses your Shotgun by pressing A while driving around the stage. This Final Smash ended for around 15 seconds or when you suffer a KO’ed.