On-Screen Appearance

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Special Attacks

Neutral B - Shotgun Ki-Blast

Future Mai ready her Shotgun as she blast a charge ki-blast onto the opponents. You can charge the attack to gain more power to the ki-blast. While doing this, you can choose which direction the attack go.

Side B - Flash Grenades

Future Mai use Flash Grenades to stun her opponents. When thrown, the Grenades already flashed forward on which direction you have thrown it. When opponents get hit by the flash, they became stunned for a long period, leaving their open for an attack.

Up B - Motor Scooter

Future Mai ready her Motor Scooter to dash forward. When in the Scooter, you control yourself while boosting forward while on the Scooter. You can also rams into opponents while boost forward.

Down B - Rocket Cannon

Future Mai ready her Rocket Cannon. While using the Rocket Cannon, you can only walk and jump with the weapon. Pressing B ready blasts to opponents for long-range damage. You can used this Rocket Cannon 3 times or cancelled this move by pressing Down and B again.

Final Smash - Resistance Force Sniper

Future Man leave the stage and she ready her Sniper Rifle. The Final Smash begin as you begin to aim the sniper onto the stage. With this, you can shoot down any opponents in the stage, with the damage giving by where you shoot. This Final Smash ended by 20 seconds or if you shoot 8 times.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Future Mai

Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Future Mai