Special Attacks

Neutral B - Geno Beam

Geno form his arm into a cannon as he blast a laser attack onto the opponent. Holding B can charge the beam attack for more damage, but holding B too long will cause the beam attack to do less damage.

Spin B - Geno Whirl

Geno throw a energy based yellow disk to the opponent. The disk go really quick and range across the stage. This attack also have a lucky shot, where 1 out of 16 chance did the disk can a chance of One-Hit KO’ing the opponent, easily bypassing shields and other protection.

Up B - Geno Boost

Geno hold his arm upward as he energy rise from the ground. This move can’t cause damage, as it’s only elevated you upward. The biggest upside to the move is that your attack and defense get increase for a short time.

Down B - Geno Blast

Geno hold forehold his arms upward as he launch a series of beams onto the sky. Each beam can strike around the stage with low damage to the opponent. By holding B, the blasts can do more damage and can easily stun the opponents.

Final Smash - Geno Flash

Geno flip into the foreground as he form into a cannon. Afterword, he blast the opponents on the stage. The blast start short, but by rapidly pressing B, you can increase the power of the blast as it’s grow in size over the duration of the move before explosion. The attack can cause rapid damage with the opponents and cause massive knockdown with the explosion.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Geno

Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Geno