Special Attacks

Neutral B - MUDA! MUDA! MUDA

Giorno summon his stand, Gold Experience, to send out a series a punch onto the opponents. When taping B rapidly, Gold Experience start rapidly punch more as you slowly walk forward onto the forward. After enough hits, Gold Experience goes back to Giorno and can be reused for 6 seconds.

Side B - Savior the taste of pain!

Giorno summon Gold Experience to perform a slow-motion punch into the face. This attack can reach a long range and can do great knockout to opponents. The slow-motion punch can also cause the opponents to be unable to act for 3-6 seconds despite by the weight. This attack can be reused for 4 seconds.


Giorno leaps into the air as Gold Experience perform a uppercut. During this, you can get flow for 6 seconds as you can recovery easily with this attack. If you’re near a opponent, you can also perform a hook attack by pressing B during the 6 seconds flowing.

Down B - A part opens on dark plains

A counterpart where if Girono is attack by a melee damage move, Gold Experience retaliates by rapidly kicking the opponent away. This move can be reused for 3 seconds.

Final Smash - Gold Experience Requiem

Giorno revealed the Arrow as he stab Gold Experience with it in order to evolve his stand with Gold Experience Requiem. Giorno and Gold Experience Requiem can now momentarily fly through the air, meaning that you can covering much more stage by potentially passing over the opponent and evading many attacks. You can perform your Neutral B, without the need of taping B. Gold Experisnce Requiem last around 25 seconds return back into his form.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Giorno Giovanna

Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Giorno Giovanna