Special Attacks

Neutral B - Blade Strike

Grey Fox charge his sword and thrusts it forward! This move can break an opponent's shield with great accuracy. The tip of the blade is the most powerful.

Side B - Fox Dash

Grey Fox lunges forward a short distance across the stage and slashes at any enemy which is within range of the dash. This move can be executed very quickly. The charge stance can be held indefinitely. If the move does not connect, it has very low ending lag, giving yourself a chance to follow up with a different attack.

Up B - Sword Flip

Grey Fox flips up in the air, hitting opponents with his sword. If the kick lands (even on shields), you’re will bounce backwards.

Down B - Stealth Camouflage Counter

Grey Fox enters a defensive tai chi-like stance. If it is attacked during this stance, he’ll teleport behind the attacker, then counterstrike with a sliding slash for moderate damage and surprisingly high knockback, which is even greater after you've taken damage.

Final Smash - Box Revenge

Grey Fox trapped the opponents. If successful, he’ll start slashing the trapped opponent several times with his own slash, and then end with a powerful attack.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Gray Fox-0

Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Gray Fox-0