Info of EP Gauge

The EP Gauge is the power of Gunvolt as his the main power source. Each Special Moves drain apart of the EP Gauge, so there’s a risk of using these moves too much. The Gauge can recharge overtime by melee attacks or moving.

Special Moves

Neutral B - Flashfield

Gunvolt activate his Flashfield, a circular area swarming with electricity. While holding B, you can move around the stage with the Flashfield, dealing damage to opponents when they connect with the Flashfield. You can also launch bolts attacks when you when A during the time. This attack drain the ED Gauge whenever the Flashfield, with the volt attack costing more.

Side B - Dragonsphere

Gunvolt create a a large ball of electricity that lingers in space for a bit before vanishing. Whoever is facing close this attack will suffer racking damage. This attack take a chuck of the EP Gauge, so you can create up to four Dragonspheres on screen before recharging.

Up B - Crashbolt

Gunvolt perform a air hope before creating a pillar of lighting upward. The pillar of lighting create a heavy damage attack to opponents while making you float easily up the air. This attack, however, drain most of your EP Gauge.

Down B - Recharge EP

Gunvolt fully replenish his EP Gauge. This easily recover your EP Gauge quickly without waiting overtime. However, they’re a risk of overheat, being unable to use his move again until you lose a stock.

Final Smash - Voltaic Chains

A thunderous voice in Gunvolt’s heart, as he create a series of huge chains to fly across the screen in random directions overlaying the stage. This attack can cause damage to any opponents that pass through the chain. However, once Voltaic Chains change the chains into blue electricity, the damage increase as anyone unde the chains suffer great damage. The Final Smash ended once the chains burst into lightning, sending anyone effected by the FS flying with powerful knock back. This move also recharge the EP Gauge afterword.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Gunvolt-0

Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Gunvolt-0