Special Attacks

Neutral B - Razor-Rang

Jade throws a razorang at her opponent. You has three variations to move the Razor-Rang with the control stuck: straight, upward, and downward. If the Razor-Rang is dodged as it comes back to you, it will continue going, arcing in the direction the player last dodged in. The Razor-Rang can only be use once when on screen.

Side B - Blazing Nitro Kick

Jade illuminates herself with a green force and kicks her opponent. In the air, you’ll go downwards fast at an slight left or right angle (depends on which direction you're facing), The damage receive is moderately with horizontal knockback. It has reasonable knockback and damage, and often hits characters in shorthops, but is difficult to pull off and avoid punishment.

Up B - Staff Overhead

Jade jumps up and smashes the opponent with her staff. While decent vertical recovery, very little horizontal recovery.

Down B - Dodging Shadows

Jade puts a forcefield around herself. This Forcefield will allow you avoid any projectiles coming to you for 10 seconds. This move will recharged under 5 seconds, until you’re grab or attack with a physical attack, which cause the move to be cancelled.

Final Smash - Head-A-Rang

Jade throws a Razorang at the opponent, cutting off their head, causing a Instant KO. The move can hit a maximum of 2 opponents. Thus if used on many opponents, remember that until the Razor-Rang, it’s can only go strangle forward.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Jade

Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Jade