Special Attacks

Neutral B - Wave Attack

Jim use his spell and launch a waves of energy into the opponents. The waves has reduce speed traveling and very low damage and knockoff. While the it’s can continued beyond any opponents, the damage taking by one opponents is cut down low into another one. One - 5% Two - 4% Three - 3% Four and Fives - 2% Six and Seven - 1%

Side B - Fire/Ice

Jim launch a ball of Fire or Ice into the opponents. In a 50/50 moves, Fireballs will temporarily set the opponent on fire, which will make their heath drain for 2 seconds. Ice balls will temporarily freeze the opponent for also 2 seconds. You can charge both attack moves. However, charging for 4 seconds and the magic backfire on you, getting burn or frozen.

Up B - Ann’s Fairy

When used, three Fairy of Ann appear and begin to carry Jim upwards. Their direction can’t be adjusted mid-flight. The speed and the distance traveled of the move is lessened and last for 4 seconds.

Down B - Bee

A tree appear and spawn a bunch of bees into the stage. The bees repeatedly damage the first opponent close by, dealing out 2-4% damage with each hit. However, if the bees didn’t go after the opponents, the bees will attack Jim. The bees will remain onstage for 10 seconds, chasing the player wherever they go, and cannot be destroyed.

Final Smash - Veralys

When the Final Smash is use, Veralys appear and start attacking four times, breathing out a large vortex which damages enemies for 2% while carrying them away, even afford yourself. It can turn around before attacking if no enemies are in front of him. Touching Veralys's body deals 12% damage with weak diagonal knockback.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Jim the Knight

Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Jim the Knight