Special Moves

Neutral B - Chainsaw Blaster

Juliet transforms her chainsaw into a launcher capable. This is a long-ranged attacks, as you can launch explosive barrels onto the opponents. You can fire up to eight explosive barrels forward before needed to reloaded again.

Side B - Butt Attack

Juliet jump backward as she strike her butt forward into many opponents. This attack can hit more opponents for each “BOING” strike with the use of this move. If you failed to hit anyone with this attack, it’s will leave you vulnerable for a few seconds.

Up B - Lolli-O-Copter

Juliet begin to spin upward as she create a tornado of sort and chainsaw teeth. With a small lift, moving into a opponent will send their flying with rapid damage. You can use this move to recover easily, as you can control this tornado move for 5 seconds.

Down B - Nick Shoot

Juliet hold on Nick’s head as she throw him forward into a opponent. Once Nick’s head get launch forward, it’s can damage any opponents and can cause stun damage. Afterward, Nick’s Head can be reused as a item. If Nick’s Head leave the stage, you can’t use this move until you lose a stock.

Final Smash - Holy Chainsaw

Juliet does a handstand as she swing her chainsaw in two arching circles on the ground. If this attack hit, she’ll flip into the air and bringing it down on any character trapped for heavy damage and easy knockback.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Juliet Starling

Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Juliet Starling