Special Moves


Neutral B - Windmill Shuriken

Kasumi throw her Windmill Shruiken onto her opponents. The Windmill Shuriken act like a boomerang, as it’s can slash any opponents before being return back to you. While the Windless Shuriken is slow, it’s can be chargeable to better rate and damage.

Side B - Reppu

Kasumi perform a dash ninpou onto her opponents. The dash is so fast and the rate of this attack can easily perform the stage. The damage is little, but this move can easily knock opponents upwards.

Up B - Gekko Tenbu

Kasumi perform a back somersault forward. This move covers little vertical height that makes it poor for more vertical recoveries, but covers a great horizontal range that makes it useful for horizontal recovery.

Down B - Sakura-Madoi

Kasumi did a little spin pose. During the first 3 seconds of this move, any attacks that hit you will led to you teleporting behind the opponent, where you can easily attack they back.

Final Smash - Torn Sky Blast

Kasumi perform a powerful Ninpo technique as she fire a electric blast onto her opponents. The blast can deal heavy damage and knockback once it’s hit any opponents. This Final Smash also boost Kasumi’s Attack for a short while after this Final Smash.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Kasumi

Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Kasumi