Neutral B - Get Nekkid

Kawaii Kun randomly get naked on the stage. Once this move happen, it’s can stun any opponents by the despite of the rank of their horniness. Careful thou, because if Kawaii Kun get attack, she lose her dress as her stats change and will remind naked until she get KO’ed.

Side B - Kawaii Butt Attack Desu

Kawaii Kun leap forward as she launch her butt into the opponents. The move capable a great distance once you’re launch strangle forward. This move also have a 25% of stunning the opponents via horniness. If you remain naked, the damage and stun rate is greater.

Up B - Waifu Stealer

Kawaii Kun get grabbed by the hook. Once the hook grabbed you, it’s will carried you upwards for around 5 second. If you remind naked, the Waifu Stealer get lifted you up for 8 seconds.

Down B - Nude Tripping

Kawaii Kun falls down as she lose her clothing. Anybody that faces you will get damage despite of the via horniness rate. The trip damage is became greater if you’re already naked.

Final Smash - Easy Pleasuring

Kawaii Kun masturbates to himself as this easy heals from any damage dealt from her. It’s self-explainatory. :P (If she naked, after she’s done, she became invincibly for a long time.)


Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Kawaii Kun

Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Kawaii Kun