Special Attacks

Neutral B - Aqua-Glove

Man Ray changed up and blast his opponents with the Aqua-Glove. The blast fires at a slower rate, but it pushes the opponent back. They also deal more damage and knockback, making them only cosmetically.

Side B - Power Glove

Man Ray move forward and sends the opponent up into the air with a uppercut attack.

Up B - Glove Movement

Man Ray use his Glove power to Levitate away. You'll continually travel in the direction they face, which could potentially leave the pair stuck under the bottom of a stage if not used properly. You can changed the direction to move during this move. This move last for 5 seconds.

Down B - Orb of Confusion

Man Ray set the Orb of Confusion and led it down. One done, the orb sends little wave to confused the opponents. Anyone in the center of the orb is stunned with confusion. The orb disappears after 10 seconds and can be use again after 6 seconds.

Final Smash - Wallet

Man Ray put up a missing wallet and show it into a nearby opponent. Once so, the opponents say no for they wallet and Man Ray, frustrated, smash his Power Glove downwards into the opponents, causing heavy damage and knockback.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Man Ray

Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Man Ray