Special Moves

Neutral B - Machine Gun Arm

Megaman fire one bullets to the opponents depending on which direction you shoots using the joystick. Tapping B will one bullets in whatever direction, doing minor damage. But holding B will make you fires a giant barrage of bullets. In this stage, a bullet cause a bit of damage. However, you can only shoot one bullets per 2 second to preventing spam. Changing it will be 5 second. This can be also be done by midair.

Side B - Ground Crawler

Megaman launch a bomb that rolls along the stage before touching a opponents and explode onto their, causing damage. When blow up, the bomb has a vortex effect that pulls in nearby opponents before the actual explosion occurs. The vortex also steadily damages enemies over time.

Up B - Drill Uppercut

Megaman leap on the air and use the drill to spin upwards. While on the air, you can cause inflicting damage on any opponents who touch you. This move is mostly vertical recovery and can stop by pressing A, hitting a roof, or by a nearby ledge.

Down B - Shield Arm

Megaman shoot out a shield-like projectiles in on which direction you are facing. During this move, the shield is in front of you the whole time. Not only will you do damage to a opponent, but he you reflect a opponent projectiles from taking any damage to you. This last up til 10 second or when you can KOed.

Final Smash - Maximum Power Shining Laser

Megaman charges his buster very briefly and punches a random opponent with the buster. If the punch lands, Megaman fires and launches the opponent in the air while firing Shining Laser Cannon, causing major damage to the airborne enemy. While this affect one character, the rest can get involved nearby. This move can be also good for a star/screen KO.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Megaman Volnett-0

Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Megaman Volnett-0

Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Megaman Volnutt (Remastered)

Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Megaman Volnutt (Remastered)