Special Moves

Neutral B - Pyrokinesis

Neku hovers slightly off the ground clutching his headphones he closes his eyes and creates a burst of fire in front of him. Holding down the "B" button the flames will continue to appear in front of Neku if a player holds down "B" and moves the control stick left or right Neku can move the pillar of flames a short distance in either direction! This move does have a time limit for using it- and eventually it will stop working all together if used for too long and will need to recharge.

Side B - Force Rounds

Neku fires a ball of energy forward this move can be spammed though it deals little damage and no flinching. like most of Neku's Attacks if overused the attack will stop working and it will need to recharge.

Up B - Vulcan Uppercut

Neku will spring upward performing an uppercut if it connects this uppercut deals heavy vertical knock back-this however takes a lot out of Neku and he enters a helpless fall after performing it.

Down B - Splish Splash Barrier

A stream of water and a blue ring will form around Neku and Neku will heal himself 2% damage per second there is a "sweet spot" when Neku receives the 2% health where he will become invincible but otherwise can sustain damage in this state- receiving damage in this state will also reduce the Uses of the Splish Splash Barrier to 0 and it will enter Reboot status.

Final Smash - Final Fusion

Three "Light Pucks" swarm to Neku who holds his headphones. and in a burst of light he unleashes the Final Fusion Neku holds out his arm as the Skull from the player's pin appears and it glows white then blasts forward anyone hit by the skull will be marked with a white "X" a pillar of light will erupt from below that character dealing massive racking damage and slowly bring them into the air- when the pillar of light goes out they recive big vertical knock back. other players can become trapped in these pillars of light as well.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Neku Sakuraba

Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Neku Sakuraba