Robotboy’s Batteries

You have a special gauge when playing as Robotboy. Your move uses a certain amount of batteries life; if you completely runs out of batteries life, Robotboy will shut down and turn into his deactive form for 10 seconds. Thou, the batteries will refill overtime.

Special Moves

Neutral B - Laser

Robotboy shoots a blue beam that can ricochet off of walls in a 45 degree angle for a while. You can only use two laser twice before recharged. This will take 1/16 of Robotboy’s Batteries.

Side B - Super Speed

Robotboy change up and then rush himself forward. When used, you'll pauses for a split second before dashing a short distance forwards. If you hits an enemy, Robotboy proceeds to unleash a uppercut, which pops opponents up into the air with below-average knockback. This will take 1/12 of Robotboy’s Batteries.

Up B - Flight

Robot boy jump forward and start flying around freely. Once so, Robotboy move around in any process for any special and melee attack. This will drained Robotboy’s Batteries for awhile until you stop using the move.

Down B - Recharging Batteries

If you’re near out of batteries life and don’t want to suffer it. Robotboy can recharged fasters when using this move.

Final Smash - The Super Activation

Robotboy jumps up and turn into his Super Activation Form. Robotboy is much taller and has higher power and range of moves. Super Form Robotboy also have ultimate batteries life, so you didn’t need to worried about draining his life. This form last until 20 seconds.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Robotboy

Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Robotboy