Special Moves

Neutral B - Spear

Roman charges towards and spear his opponent, tackle their into the ground. This move can be charged for about fives seconds. The distance and damage being based on how long the move is charged.

Side B - Superman Punch

Roman launch himself forward and performs a Superman Punch at the end of the move. This move can be thrown early during the jump by pressing the special button. If the move is used on the ground, You will be briefly invincible, as your leaping time can allowing you to avoid projectiles.

Up B - Leaping Clothesline

Roman leaps up into the air. Once into the air, pressing B with connect with a clothesline.

Down B - Roar

Roman did a lion-like roar. Once done, you’ll increases your attack and speed. This move lasts you 15 seconds, and you can only do it three time per stock.

Final Smash - Triple Powerbomb

Roman tackle a opponent. Once do, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins appear and perform a Triple Powerbomb, doing about 40% damage and immense knockback into the catcher opponent. This Final Smash also effort other opponents when the catcher opponent smash into the ground and cause a mid-wave shockwave.