Special Attacks

Neutral B - Counter Elbow Assault

Ryo pose and can be allow to perform a Counter Elbow Assault. For about a second, any attack in front of you, other than a grab attack and Final Smash, can be reflect back. This attack delivers slow, but deal more damage back to the opponents.

Side B - Double Blow

Ryo move forward as he grabs the opponent and unleashes a Double Blow through the chest. While this attack have an short range, this attack can got seriously damage to the grabbed opponents and can launch their forward.

Up B - Mud Spider

Ryo launch himself upward as he kick the opponents up. This attack have a short distance upward, but also can hurt any midair opponent forward. If you lose into a wall or perform, you can bounce back for gainer height.

Down B - Shadow Step

Ryo step forward onto an opponent’s attack as he trip their forward and elbow back. While under this move, you can avoid any attack from the opponent and stop any grab move, minus Final Smash attack.

Final Smash - Working Man

Ryo ready the Forklift as he enter inside and ready the attack. can toss opponents. When inside the Forklift, you can boost forward as any opponents in front of you will be toss upward. If the Forklift go under an a ledge on the main stage, you automatically turn around. This Final Smash last until 15 seconds.


Elite Warrior Battle Royal Revival - Ryo Hazuki

Elite Warrior Battle Royal Revival - Ryo Hazuki