Special Moves

Neutral B - Ninpo Arts

The spiritual and mental arts of the ninja, Ryu has access to many Ninpo arts, depending on which one Ryu has "equipped", Ryu can perform one of four different Ninpo attacks:

Art of Fire Wheels

Ryu causes four fireballs to circle around him. These fireballs circle around you for 6 seconds. Opponents who come into contact will receive damage and be knocked off their feet.

Art of Vacuum Wave

Ryu transform his spirit into a vacuum blade that will be launched upward and downward at the same time. This works great for aerial opponent and deals damage to anything that touches it.

Art of Inuzuma

Ryu become encased in a ball of electricity, holding his stance, which it’s deal damage for opponents. Releasing B cause you to hop into the air and discharge four lighting bolts in different directions that move very fast.

Art of Piercing Void

Ryu fire a ball that is essentially a moving black hole. This attack is as large as a fully charged charge shot, but moves much slower. This attack can only move in a horizontal path and will move through enemies.

Side B - Incendiary Shuriken

Ryu launch a kunai knife onto his opponent, where have a grenade attach to him. The Shuriken can be attaches to anyone to opponents and walls. After a short time, the Shurkien explodes, which can cause middle damage into anything the Kunai get attach to.

Up B - Izuna-Otoshi

Ryu launch forward as he grab onto the opponent. If successful, Ryu uppercut the opponent into the air, before vanishing into a poof of smoke and reappear in another poof of smoke. If Ryu fails to grab anyone, Ryu poof into smoke and reappear some distance way dealing no damage.

Down B - Ninpo Change

Ryu equip a different Ninpo Art, as a default Ryu always starts off equipped with the Art of the Fire Wheel. When equipping a different Ninpo Ryu will simply flash a different color. The order of the Ninpo is as follows: Art of Fire Wheels (Red), Art of Vaccum Wave (Blue), Art of Inazuma (Yellow) and Art of Piercing Void (Purple).

Final Smash - Grip of Murder

Ryu enter into a cruse where the Dragon Sword get absorbed into his arm. From there, you enter into a invisibility stats where your attack can easily one-strike any opponents. The biggest drawback to this FS is that every KO’ed will slowly damage you before losing his life if he reach over 900 precent. This Final Smash last for 15 seconds.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Ryu Hayabusa

Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Ryu Hayabusa