Special Moves

Neutral B - The Samurai Blade

Jack pulls out his classic sword. Quickly tapping the B button causes his to silce once to whatever direction you are facing. Holding B will causes Jack to slash wildly from both sides.

Side B - Quick Draw

Jack lunges quickly to the other side. like how Fox uses his Fox Illusion in Super Smash Bros, hurting any enemies in his path while dashing. It deals a little damage and has very little knockback, but can knock an enemy upward.

Up B - Sword Jump

Jack flies quickly upwards, and vertically slash his opponent. It provides decent vertical recovery, but very little horizontal recovery, and also to edgeguard an opponent.

Down B - Counter

Jack holds his sword in front of him. If someone attacks you in this stat with a melee attack, Jack will grab them down, then followed up by stabbing his sword into opponent's chest. While holding the stick out, you can't move. Press any button to cancel the move.

Final Smash - The Samurai Last Draw

Jack thrusts his sword skyward, then rushes to meet his targeted enemy with furious speed. It deals critical damage, resulting in the knockback being enough to KO any character at 0% under. The power of this move is countered somewhat by its larger time frame in which to perform a dodge, though it is still relatively fast. The best time to hit an opponent is when they have just recovered and are falling.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Samurai Jack

Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Samurai Jack