Special Moves

Neutral B - Bass Line

Scott whips out his bass and strums it to a basic bass chord. He'll continue strumming as long as B is tapped. His strumming pushes enemies in front of him away a fair distance and does very minor damage. There is a 1-in-10 chance that Scott will play the bass line from Final Fantasy IV.

Side B - Bass Swing

Scott whips out his bass and swings forward with it. It takes a bit for Scott to prep the swing, but it has heavy knockback, making it a very good KO move. Also, there's a 1-in-10 chance that Scott will completely lose his grip on his bass and fling it forward by accident, making it a very powerful projectile before it hits the ground and breaks. If he accidentally tosses his bass, though, he won't be able to use either of his bass-related moves for a while.

Up B - Subspace Door

A star door appears above Scott and he climbs in, jumping out of an identical door a little bit up. Essentially a teleporting up special, but rather slow to start up. It does go a fairly long distance upward, though.

Down B - Scott Earned...

A sword comes out of Scott's chest with accompanying fanfare and Scott can use it as a regular battering item for as long as he can hold onto it. The sword is randomly selected: it can either be The Power of Love (red flaming sword with a fire effect), The Power of Self-Respect (purple flaming sword with a shadow effect), or The Power of Understanding (green sparking cleaver-sword with an electric effect). Be wary, as your enemies can use your swords, too, if you happen to drop them! Each Scott can only have one sword out at a time, much like Wario's Bike.

Final Smash - Co-Op Mode

Scott swipes forward with a sword if he has one or punches forward if he doesn't. If he connects, Ramona beams out of Scott's chest and Scott pulls out a sword, if he's not already wielding one, along with Ramona pulling out The Power of Love. The two then proceed to do a double-team combo attack on the enemy and any others that happen to be around.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Scott Pilgrim-0

Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Scott Pilgrim-0