Special Moves

Neutral B - Revolver

Spuall fires an bunch of bullet into the opponents. This weapon have a long range, but sadly shot only 4 until stopping. You can use all four shot, since both the last one had much higher knockback than the rest. It is rather difficult to pull off the full attack, as the attack requires timing on each blow to follow up.

Side B - Thunder Barret

Squall fire a stream of lightning that draws the opponent closer. Like Cole's, The shorter the lightning bolt hit, the longer the opponent will be stunned. If However, you can't leeched a opponent health,

Up B - Rough Divide

Squall Jumps up and charges at opponent at high speed. The Rough Divide does around little damage and has good knockback.

Down B - Blasting Zone

Squall Surround Gunblade in a field of energy and extend its range, then slam it into the ground. This can enemies and does major damage It can also be effectively on air.

Final Smash - Renzokuken

Squall transforming his Revolver into the Lion Heart, his ultimate weapon. From there, Eight blue bars flash by on a power meter, and you must tap as the bars flash by in order to increase the damage done by Squall's attacks as he slashes his opponent eight times. Squall finishes his ES with Lion Heart, his strongest finishing move from Final Fantasy VIII, where he dashes past the opponent and strikes them, creating an explosion.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Squall Leonhart

Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Squall Leonhart