Special Attacks

Neutral B - Voltekka

Blade’s shoulder cannons emerge, which fire a beam of energy. The shots can be angled up or down. It should also that the attack doesn’t stop when it hits an opponent, allowing the player to hit multiple foes. Thou, you must wait 1 second for the laser to recharge, or you will shoot a weak, short-range laser.

Side B - Falchion

Blade spins his lance, dashes forward (crossing through the opponent), and pulls the lance to him. While the move is slow, this attack is particularly tricky to deal with since the opponent will likely have to block from the opposite side.

Up B - Flight Dash

Blade files forward into the air at an angel extreme fast. In midair, you will fly forward. The startup is slow, but if you continue to control in the direction. The length of time you hold down the joystick determines how far you’re travels. This dash is both good and bad; good because of the distance, but bad because of the startup.

Down B - Teleport Slash

Blade teleports forward, bringing his blade behind him, leading for slash when reappearing. The place where you reappears can be determined by tilting the control stick. If no direction is tilted, you’ll stay in the same spot you was in. This can be used as a counter move if timed correctly.

Final Smash - Omnidirectional Super Voltekka

Blade ascending to Blaster Form, shattering his Tek-crystal and unleashing a massive blast of energy. The blast launch a large beam of energy that deals a high amount of damage. While not necessarily a one-hit KO, regardless of damage. It's nearly impossible to survive with more than 30% damage regardless of where you are when hit by it.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Tekkaman Blade

Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Tekkaman Blade