Special Moves

Neutral B - Strawberry Shortcake

Travis rears and then launch himself forward on his opponents. While changing, you can tilt the angle to launch where you are going. It’s also good for breaking shield, but not good if you miss.

Side B - Schpeltiger

Travis gets on his motorbike, Schpeltiger on his opponents. You can go left and right at any time. You also can stay on the motorized two-wheeled vehicle for as long as you reach a edge, ledge, or being attack. Pressing B will make Travis slide into the opponents, while causing more damage.

Up B - Trip to Paradise

Travis leaps himself and slash upwards. Same as Samurai Jack, It's a vertical recovery and edgeguard an opponent.

Down B - Anarchy in the Galaxy

Three random slot appear over Travis. Afterward, all three reels stopped and Travis (you) will unleash an energy burst around himself. The results will determine the range and power

  • Mismatch - Normal range, mid-low blast
  • Bells - Wide range, mid-low blast
  • Bars - Normal range, high power blast
  • Lucky 7s - Normal range, high power blast

You can use this move again until 10 seconds.

Final Smash - Darkside Mode

An image of a spot machine hitting all cherries comes in the middle of the screen and Travis' hair goes gold as he goes into Darkside mode. Travis will move around whatever platform he's attack faster as he slashes multiple times with each pass. Near the end, Travis will return to the middle and do a smaller version of Anarchy in the Galaxy as an energy sphere shoots out around himself.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Travis Touchdown

Elite Warrior Battle Royale - Travis Touchdown