Special Attacks

Neutral B - Ember Celica

Yang fire one of her Ember Celica to blast the opponents. Each blast have a great impact in the explosion and cause massive damage, but short range. You can also blast rapidly by pressing B, sending many blasts into one location. The Ember Celica need to be recharge if you fire 24 shots.

Side B - Ember Uppercut

Yang launch forward before uppercutting the opponents. The uppercut attack have a short distance, but the attack can easily launch the opponent upward while causing damage. When this move is used midair, you perform a lowercut onto the opponents downwards for a Meteor Smash.

Up B - Ember Launch

Yang launch herself using her Ember Celica. The height of the Ember Celica is long as you can charge the direction of where you go forward. There’s also a blast attack that can damage the opponent while launching forward.

Down B - Bumblebee

Yang get on her motorcycle, Bumblebee. When in Bumblebee, you can ride left and right to the stage, being able to also jump forward. You can remind on Bumblebee until you perform another move or by jumping.

Final Smash - Fired Up Yang

Yang clash her Ember Celica together before being surround in Aura. Under this form, you complete invincible to any attack as your speed greatest increase and your attack now do extra damage. You can also be unlimited to any limit for your attack. This form last until 20 seconds.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Yang Xiao Long

Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Yang Xiao Long