Special Attacks

Neutral B - Crazy Spinner

Zant folds his arms as he start to spin around the stage while damaging opponents. While spinning, you can control where you can go around the stage. The spin attack can be charge by holding B for extra distance and power, with a extra bonus of reflecting projectile back. The Spin can last until 8 seconds.

Side B - Phantom Zant

Zant summon his Phantom Self onto the field. Phantom Zant can became a assist character as it can dash forward and slash the opponents from a depth. However, Phantom Zant can be KO'd with enough damage or if you can KO’d.

Up B - Temple Pillar Crash

Zant summons a pillar right underneath him as it’s come out onto the ground. While on the pillar, you can launch yourself up in the air or use the pillar to crash down onto the stage to the opponents. As it’s stand, the Pillar became a perform until it’s get destoryed by Zant or the opponenets.

Down B - Shadow Hand

Zant creates a portal above him as a black hang arrive on the battlefield. The hand is able to grab nearly opponents and throw their upward into the air or downward into the ground. If you press B rapidly, the hand will keep pressing down onto the opponent for more damage.

Final Smash - The Twilight Realm

Zant takes off his helmet and puts his hand into the air. Soon, the Portal to the Twilight Realm as everyone enter inside. Inside the Twilight Realm, Zant became more strong as your stats boost and now harder to get damage by. Any opponents in the Twilight Realm are also afford as they became decrease as well. Monster also arrive in the Twilight Realm, became hazards to this stage. The Final Smash ended when Zant or all of the opponents are KO’ed.


Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Zant

Elite Warrior Battle Royale Revival - Zant